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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Report: Social Networking


                Social networking are so popular right now. Everybody can use it everywhere, from old to young, professional or collage student, etc. Social networking is a network / site that can be connected every person in the world only in one place. Social networkings  are very useful to sosialize your friend, mate, partner, old friend, family, everywhere in the easiest way.
                There are many kinds of social networking. Friendster, facebook, twitter, my space,google plus, heello, etc. The most popular one is Facebook. Facebook is founded mark zucuerberg on his little room at harvard university. On 2009, facebook user has reach 9,7 million users. That means, almost 1/3 people in this world use it.
                Actually, social networking is made onlyfor professional people. But right now, teenagers use it as their way to express them self. Scial networking has been a lifestyle.
                One of social networking has a lot advantage is, there are no limits for distance. Wherever you are, it its still in internet coverage, you still can coneect. This is make one big advantage, you can learn other’s culture, languange, etc.
                Social networking her a lot advantage on it be the most popular things right now. Social networking, conected with all people in this world being easy.

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