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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Narrative: Alladin and His Magic Lamp


Long long ago in the far land of Egypt there lived Aladdin who helped his mother by looking after the horses of their inn guests.
One day Aladdin met his uncle. Abu Nezar. During the next few days Aladdin spent his time with his uncle. One day Abu Nezarasked himto find an old lamp in a cave
Aladdin felt hypnotized by his uncle’s words and followed it.
Aladdin feet began to move and jumped into the cave. He was afraid but he had to find the lamp.
“Quickly boy, bring the lamp, Take my ring” shouted his uncle throwing some thing into the darkness below. In the darkness of the cave, Aladdinsaw the old lamp. It was covered in dust and cobwebs. He picked it and brought it up
As he got nearer to the opening at the top of the steps Aladdin was dazzled by the daylight. He found it difficult to ascend and stumbled. He reached out for his uncle’s hand buthe  was pushed away and he felt again. Abu Nezar force Alladin to give the lamp, But Alladin would not.
“So be it’ Stay there forever with that accursed lamp” Abu Nezar screamed and closed the cave with stone. Aladdin stayed in the darkness of the cave. He sat down and wonders what to do. He held the lamp tightly. He rubbed it slowly. Suddenly, the room was brightly and a voice like a thunder inquired.
Aladdin was so surprised. It was hard to believe his eyes.  He stood and said.
“Who are you?
“I am your slave now. I come to your bidding, my small master”
Aladdin was feeling so quite brave. He asked the genie to bring him home.

Some years later, Aladdin became a wise rich boy. He grew as a handsome guy and married the princess and they lived happily in his new luxury palace.
One day, an old man came to the palace and asked Aladdin’s wife about the old lamp.
“ New lamps for old! New lamps for old!”
The princess seemed sorry and pity and she reminded that there was an old lamp in her storehouse. She took it and gave the lamp to the old man”
“Ha…. Ha……now my dream will come true”
Suddenly the Old man disappeared and before the princes astonished her eyes there was an magician, Abu Nezar
“ You and your home will be transported hundreds of miles away. Ha…ha…”
“ Aladdin will never find you, ha…ha…ha…”

While on the other place, Aladdin found himself in a small room with his ring genie. He was so surprise. He remembered his ring then he rubbed it. The genie of the ring came. Aladdin told his problem. The slave of the ring cheered him up and help him to find his pallace.

A moment later Aladdin and the slave of ring found Abu Nezar who sleeping calmly.
Aladdin soon located the lamp. Not so long time he found it. When Abu Nezar wake up Aladdin hit and curse him.
“ My uncle. You are so evil. You had hurt me and my wife”
“ Ha…. Ha… you magic  lamp is mine now”
“No.. Your magic lamp is on my hand
“ Give it back to me”

Aladdin rubbed the lamp and the genie of the lamp came. Allading asked the genie to kill Abu Nezar
The genie of the magic lamp attacked Abu Nezar. After that, Abu Nezar dead immediately. Then,Aladdin got his wife free from the prisoner. Finally they lived happily ever and after.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are many value that we can get from the story. One of them we must not be greedy like Abu Nezar then be brave like Aladdin.

The End

copyright: Dodi Indra

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