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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Recount: My Best Experience

My Best Experience

            Actually, I have a lot of experience that I can tell to you. But in this time, I will tell you when I won a speech contest in regency level last 2 month. 10 October 2010. I was so nervous to go to it. I prepared anything to win at that competition. Starting from remember the text, practice to pronoun, from 2 weeks left. So maybe I could and I have a lot of preparation of it.
My number was 12. The last number for the male contestant. I already saw all of the participant. From the nervous one, the forget one, the silence one. That’s problem that participant meet. With my confident, I could stand there.
With a lot of pray and practice, I walked into a podium. Started speech with a spirit, smile, and a lots of confident. And fortunately, I could speech with so well. Maybe, very good at that time.
I asked all my friend. Miesmi from Global Andalan Junior High School, Wulan from Taruna Andalan Junior High School. They said, this is her first time to speech. Compare me, I had 2 competition in province level. So I don’t scare anymore.
At the announcement time, I believed I can win this. Because everybody seems so nervous, but I don’t. And my feeling was right. I got 1st place in speech contest competition. I was so happy.
That’s it guys. One of my best experience. Hope you understand and….


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